let's do charities together

Charities we have done so far

Nanhe Panchi Foundation
Donated 10BNB to help feed 1350+ people
Our Progress


Firefly fly away

Succesfully launched the smart contract on BSC with the website launch


Creation of a marketing, growth, and operations strategy


Official whitepaper for firefly token published

Fair Launch

Pre-Sale On Dxsale


CoinGecko listing


CoinMarketCap listing


Influencer marketing


Community contests and giveaways

Growing Community Q3 2021

Social Media

Grow social media and brand


Listing on top 10 crypto exchange

New Website

Launch New website V2


Launch several marketing campaigns

Charity Web App

Launch charity voting web app.


Contract audit


Strategic partnerships with major investment channels

Influencer Marketing

Influencer collabs and cameos

New Exchanges Q4 2021

Corporate Partnerships

Forging of corporate partnerships.

Major Exchanges

Listing Firefly on major exchanges.


Merchandise Release for firefly community

The Future Q1 2022

New Members

Exploring other exchanges for bringing new members to the community

Real World

Diversification into real-world use cases.


Launchpad for social causes

What is Firefly?

FIREFLY began with the idea of giving back to the community and making charitable contributions with total transparency of funds. It is a rewarding charity where every transaction gives the holders extra fireflies automatically and supports the charity.

The charity address is decided in a weekly community event where everyone decides which charity we should donate to.

Let's Meet The Team

The Team

Tanish Baansal
The Tech Guy
Anmol Baansal
The Security Guy
Deepak Gupta
The Artist

Frequently asked questions

Below we’ve provided a bit of What Firefly is about and other questions that you might have. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below. Thanks for all the love and support to the community ❤️

Firefly is a Community-driven DeFi charitable project focused on small charities with big goals, rewarding the community with passive income.

Firefly collectes a fee of 10% from all the transactions which is then evenly distributed between our community and an accredited charitable cause account, decided by the community on weekly basis. On every transaction the fees collected is not stored in a private account rather its stored in the contract address then pancakeswap router automatically converts the token amount to BNB and send those to the charitable account making everything automated, trustless and democratized.

For trustless transactions to the donation the token is not stored in an escrow account or any private account owned by the company. Firefly community never has to trust anyone for distributing the fees as its all done in an automated way directly by the smart contracts code thus all the transactions are trustless and and these trustless transactions are all recorded in the immutable ledger of the Binance blockchain. The decision of selecting the charity is based on the community so there's a little direction from a centralized team , but everything is transparent and every transactions are recorded.

The presale price of firefly is 30,000,000,000 Firefly for 1BNB and launch price is 25,000,000,000 Firefly for 1BNB so you get an extra 5,000,000,000 Firefly in presale.

Every transaction has 10% transaction fee with 5% fee to be distributed to all existing token holders and 5% fee to charity (directly to the charity, we don’t own the wallet)